Monthly Heartworm Pills

Penny Paws offers 3 options to control heartworms in a monthly pill (no flea control). 

Heartgard Plus is available along with Tri-Heart Plus. What's the difference? Really there is no difference in the type or quantity of medication. Some dogs prefer one over another, as do some of their owners ;-)...

Interceptor is also back on the market and has been a trusted brand more over 2 decades. The advantage here is that it also controls whipworms, in addition to roundworms, hookworms and of course heartworms.

 *These are prescription medications and patients must have seen a Penny Paws vet and have a current negative Heartworm test to receive medications. Medical records will be confirmed prior to shipping.

Low Price Guarantee

We will match prices for 6 months to 1 year supply of prevention from online USA pharmacies selling FDA approved medications, Penny Paws has the right to assess today's sale price before making price corrections.

Heartgard from $11.00 $69.00
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Interceptor from $11.00 $69.00
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Interceptor Plus
Interceptor Plus from $13.00 $75.00
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Sentinel Spectrum
Sentinel Spectrum from $14.00
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Tri-Heart Plus
Tri-Heart Plus from $10.00 $56.00
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