Monthly Heartworm Prevention

Penny Paws offers 2 options to control heartworms in a monthly pill (no flea control). 

Heartgard Plus is available, as well as Tri-Heart Plus. What's the difference? Heartgard Plus is a meaty soft-chew, whereas Tri-Heart plus is a more affordable flavored tablet. Some dogs prefer one over the other, as do some of their owners ;-)...

 *These are prescription medications and patients must have seen a Penny Paws vet and have a current negative Heartworm test to receive medications. Medical records will be confirmed prior to shipping.

Low Price Guarantee

Our online store will match prices for 6 months to 1 year supply of prevention from online USA pharmacies selling FDA approved medications, Penny Paws has the right to assess today's sale price before making price corrections.

Heartgard Plus
Heartgard Plus from $13.00
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Tri-Heart Plus
Tri-Heart Plus from $11.00
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