Monthly Heartworm/Flea Combo

Penny Paws offers 3 options for controlling heartworms, fleas and intestinal worms.

Revolution is a topical medication that is a big hit with the Penny Paws team. Most of our own dogs and cats receive Revolution each month to control fleas, heartworms and other parasites.

Trifexis is an oral tablet and is a Penny Paws fan favorite. One flavored tab keeps fleas, heartworms and parasites away for a whole month.

Sentinel is an affordable tablet option that is given monthly. Sentinel helps control flea infestation, but doesn't kill adult fleas. It does do a great job preventing heartworms and intestinal worms and can be combined with another medication that will kill adult fleas if your dog is currently burdened.

Sentinel Spectrum does all the same as Sentinel, but also controls tapeworm infections. 

*These are prescription medications and patients must have seen a Penny Paws vet and have a current negative Heartworm test to receive medications. Medical records will be confirmed prior to shipping.


Low Price Guarantee

We will match prices for 6 months to 1 year supply of prevention from online USA pharmacies selling FDA approved medications, Penny Paws has the right to assess today's sale price before making price corrections

Revolution from $14.00 $168.73
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Sentinel from $12.00 $78.00
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Trifexis from $22.00 $153.00
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