Revolution Plus (Cat)

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This is a prescription required prevention and only available to our Penny Paws clients located in Texas.

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What is Revolution Plus?

Revolution Plus is a safe and effective monthly topical medication that provides 6-in-1 protection for cats. Revolution Plus kills fleas before they lay eggs, and kills ticks for a full month. In comparison to Revolution for cats, Revolution Plus kills 3 types of ticks (black-legged tick, Gulf Coast tick, and American dog tick) for a full month. It also prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms. Revolution Plus is easy to apply and is a quick-drying solution for a mess-free administration. Revolution Plus requires a prescription from your veterinarian.


Cats and Kittens (8 weeks of age and older, weighing at least 2.8 lbs)


  • Kills fleas before they lay eggs
  • Kills ticks for a full month
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Treats and controls ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms.
  • Safe and effective
  • Quick-drying solution
  • Once a month administration

How does Revolution Plus work?

Revolution Plus contains two active ingredients, selamectin and sarolaner, which absorbs into the skin and enter the bloodstream. Combined, these ingredients start killing fleas within 6 hours of administration, begin to kill ticks within 24 hours of administration, prevent the development of heartworm, and eliminate and control ear mites and other worms.


Use with caution in cats with a history of neurologic disorders. The safe use of Revolution Plus hasn't been evaluated in kittens under 8 weeks of age, nor has the safety of Revolution Plus been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats.

What is the most important thing I should know about Revolution Plus?

Revolution Plus is a topical medication for cats that is applied topically once a month. Revolution Plus provides 6-in-1 protection against fleas, ticks (black-legged tick, Gulf Coast tick, and American dog tick), heartworms, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms. In humans, Revolution Plus may be irritating to skin and eyes. Make sure to wash hands after application.

What should I discuss with my veterinarian before giving Revolution Plus to my pet?

Tell your veterinarian if your cat is pregnant, breeding, or lactating. If your cat has a history of neurologic disorders, tell your veterinarian.

How should Revolution Plus be applied to my pet?

Apply Revolution Plus exactly as directed by your veterinarian. Revolution Plus comes in single-use tubes for easy administration. Press the cap down to puncture the seal on the tube. A clicking sound will confirm the seal has been punctured. Remove the cap and make sure the tip of the tube is open. To administer, part the hair on the back of your cat at the base of the neck in front of the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and empty the contents of the tube in one spot. Do not massage the product into the skin or apply to broken skin. Additionally, don't apply if your cat's coat is wet. Avoid contact between the product and your fingers. Wash your hands when you have finished applying Revolution Plus to your cat.

What are the potential side effects of Revolution Plus?

Reported side effects include lethargy and anorexia.

What happens if I miss giving a dose of Revolution Plus?

Give the next dose as soon as you remember and resume a normal monthly dosing schedule.

What happens if I overdose my pet on Revolution Plus?

If an overdose is suspected, contact your veterinarian immediately.

What should I avoid while giving Revolution Plus to my pet?

Avoid getting the product on your fingers. Wash your hands when finished applying the product on your cat.

What other drugs will affect Revolution Plus?

There are no known contraindications for the use of Revolution Plus.

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